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Ways to Sell Your Business: The Earn-Out

February 2, 2021 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Business.

Imagine if the purchase price of a business varied depending on its financial performance after you agreed to the sale. That is what an “earn-out” is It allows the purchase to be paid for from future cash flow and is often used if a buyer cannot get finance for the purchase in full or indeed • Read More »

How Will Brexit Affect Business?

January 7, 2021 | By Guest Poster | No Comments | Filed in: Business.

How Brexit will impact businesses will depend on every industry across the board. It is but prudent that if you have an existing business, you should be familiar with some expected realities to happen so that your livelihood can prepare well for a life after Brexit: 1) Legally Alluding to EU as a territory The • Read More »

4 things business owners don’t want to think about

October 25, 2020 | By Guest Poster | No Comments | Filed in: Business.

Entrepreneurship comes with a set of obligations and responsibilities. There are certain things that business owners should have in mind to run their projects in the right and legal way. Licenses Depending on the type of business that you’re running are the licenses that you need to operate. For example, if you plan on opening • Read More »

When to use a corporate finance lawyer

July 11, 2020 | By Guest Poster | No Comments | Filed in: Business.

What does a corporate finance lawyer do? If you’re thinking of merging your business with another or want to acquire another business in your sector, you may benefit from the expertise of a corporate finance lawyer. These lawyers address equity financing and every other aspect of the transactions that involve your business assets. What does • Read More »