How do I fight my landlord for deposit?

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How to get your deposit back

If you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, you could be eligible for a “no win, no fee” claim, you can also claim up to three times the original deposit amount. This applies to any form of rented accommodation from a private landlord.

At the start of your tenancy, once you legally hand over your deposit to your landlord, they have 30 days to put your deposit to one of the three authorised deposit protection schemes.

The purpose of these government-approved tenancy deposit schemes is to make sure you get your deposit back, only if you:

  • Meet the terms of your tenancy agreement.
  • Did not make any damages in the property.
  • Paid the necessary rent and bills.

The problem between the landlord and the tenant commonly starts once the landlord failed to fulfil their legal obligations to their tenants. In case this happens, you can make a claim and get back what you are owed.

Making a claim against a landlord

You are entitled to make a claim once your landlord fails to do one of the following:

  • Put your deposit to an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme.
  • Send you any of the prescribed information within 14 days of receiving your deposit.
  • Send a written confirmation from a scheme administrator (where your deposit is being held).

Prescribed information

Prescribed information is information related to your tenancy. Your landlord is required to provide these details to you, these are:

  • The amount of the deposit.
  • The property address.
  • The contact details of the scheme administrator (where your deposit is being held).
  • Procedures relating to the tenancy deposit scheme, for example, when should the deposit be paid or repaid to the tenant at the end of the tenancy.
  • Contact details of your landlord and any other parties who have contributed to your deposit.

Read more about Getting your deposit back from your landlord in the UK for more details.

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