How will things change for businesses when companies get back to work?

June 10, 2020 | By Guest Poster | Filed in: Business.

This is a guest post from lbjconsultants.

There is no doubt that the employment market will face major difficulties when most companies get back to work. There is already a large decrease, by two-thirds in just six weeks, in vacancies, being advertised,

There are reports in the media, on a daily basis, of major companies planning to make large scale redundancies. We have already had clients seeking advice over looking at their current structure, as they are already considering making some roles redundant.

Some companies will look at changing how they operate by considering;

  • working from home;
  • flexible working;
  • working new shift patterns;
  • cutting hours;
  • reducing salaries;
  • will they need to use different team dynamics;
  • increase the use of technology;
  • re-training over new skill sets required from their employees;
  • creating new job descriptions to reflect the increase in the range of skills required;
  • changing how they trade: having an online version of their business;
  • the products and services that they offer to the market; and
  • they may look to hire new staff that can function both roles.

In most of these option employers will need to seek legal advice as most of these options will require them to carryout change of terms and conditions negotiations with their employees or their Trades Union to gain agreement to any changes.

New policies and procedures e.g. Home Working policy will need to be added to existing policies if not already available.

There are Health & Safety risk assessments that must be done before home working is implemented.

Employees will need to be issued with new terms and conditions that reflect the agreed changes.

Will you have the time, skills and knowledge to carry out these negotiations?

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